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...I just blog about whatever falls into my mind, mk?

Reviewing the Kingdom Hearts series

I’ve decided that I want to give my favorite game series an honest review. Some people would probably think that I’m unfit to review this game series because it would end up being biased. But I really don’t think so. You see, I’m of the mindset that you can favor a game, movie or book…
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Why I left the Omega Universe

The Omega Universe is on the verge of collapsing… So I figured this would be the perfect time for me to write about something I’ve wanted to write about for almost 6 months. First I should begin with some backstory. The few people that actively read my blog probably don’t know what the Omega Universe…
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The story of how I discovered Kingdom Hearts

A tale of pure luck and sadness This was originally supposed to be part of another Kingdom Hearts related blog post. But it ended up being so long, that I figured it was better to make it a standalone post. So here it goes… It was late September of 2016. I was watching a Youtube…
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Kingdom Hearts III – D23 Expo Japan 2018 Trailer – Mock analysis

A “mock analysis” of the most recent Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer NOTE: This is a “mock analysis”! Meaning i will purposely make dumb and ignorant remarks throughout the whole analysis. I will not be making a serious analysis later, because i suck at analysing things. But I’ll link a few real analysis videos in the…
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Your Name (きみ の な わ) – Movie Review (no spoilers)

I recently watched the film “Your Name” (きみ の な わ) …and i liked it so much that i decided to write a review on it. So let me just start off with the fact that i rarely watch anime. I’ve watched a few feature length anime films. Like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and…
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I’ve decided to start sharing all my Artwork on DeviantArt

For the past few years, aside from programming, I’ve also done some artsy stuff here and there. Mostly 3D stuff, but also a few Photoshop projects that i feel deserves some attention from the world wide web. They can all be found at on my DeviantArt Page

Investing in Cryptocurrency

Notice how I said “Cryptocurrency” and not “Bitcoin” …Because this post isn’t going to be about investing in Bitcoin. But rather about investing in all the alternative cryptocurrencies out there. Also known as “Alt coins”. As Bitcoin continues to surge in value, it is also getting a lot more attention in mainstream media. At the…
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Let’s talk about the DuckTales reboot (and this epic 360° video)

Let’s start of this blog with a spoiler free review of the new DuckTales TV series! So, when i first heard about the reboot of the classic 1987 DuckTales show. I was, like everyone else rather sceptical. Not necessarily because of the idea of a reboot (although it might have been a small factor considering…
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Hello there! – Blog introduction

So i’ve once again decided to start a blog. After a few previous attempts. I realized that running a blog fixed on a specific topic was more difficult than i expected, and finding things to write about was tough. So i decided to finally start a blog where i’ll be writing about whatever falls into…
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