Let’s talk about the DuckTales reboot (and this epic 360° video)

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Let’s talk about the DuckTales reboot (and this epic 360° video)

Let’s start of this blog with a spoiler free review of the new DuckTales TV series!

So, when i first heard about the reboot of the classic 1987 DuckTales show. I was, like everyone else rather sceptical. Not necessarily because of the idea of a reboot (although it might have been a small factor considering most reboots of old tv shows tend to be… questionable…)

But the main factor for me was the artstyle. Initially i really didn’t like it. Mainly because the classic Disney style has been around me for as long as i can remember. Especially the artstyle associated with The Sensational Six. I think it’s actually one of my earliest childhood memories when it comes to television, after Winnie the pooh and Teletubbies. So to me, the idea of a completely new artstyle felt wrong.

But after watching the first few episodes, I think my opinion on it has changed (and it’s definitely not because Bob Iger is holding a gun to my head, making me write this, he he…). The style actually feels fresh. And more comic-esque. And the voices, especially the ones of Huey, Dewey and Louie fit their design a lot more. I can’t imagine these voices on the classic versions of the triplets.

And when we’re talking about the voices. The voice cast is just amazing. My favorites are definitely David Tennant as Scrooge and Kate Micucci as Webby. But the other ones are perfect too. And the idea of the tenth doctor voicing Scrooge is so perfect that even the creators couldn’t resist the urge to make a joke about it. As seen with this introducktion (hehe) video of Scrooge.

Now the other video that really caught my attention was this. A 360° short featuring our beloved DuckTales cast. I would never have thought a 2D styled cartoon would fit so well into a 3D setting like this. If you wanna watch it, i’ll include the link below. But i highly recommend that you watch it on a Samsung device (S6 or newer) or any other device that supports Youtube’s 360° format. Else you’ll have to use the arrows in the top left corner to navigate around. And that’s kinda underwhelming.

Whether you were a fan of the old DuckTales or not. I highly recommend watching this new reboot. Especially if you’re a Disney fan like me or you liked other Disney TV hits like Gravity Falls or Star vs The Forces of Evil.


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