Why I left the Omega Universe

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Why I left the Omega Universe

The Omega Universe is on the verge of collapsing…

So I figured this would be the perfect time for me to write about something I’ve wanted to write about for almost 6 months.

First I should begin with some backstory. The few people that actively read my blog probably don’t know what the Omega Universe even is.

The Omega Universe

is a Minecraft multiplayer server that I helped build, or more specifically, revamp. Since it technically did exist prior to me joining the team. Although it was a very basic standalone Minecraft server that acted as the official server for Fisk’s Superheroes mod.

I partnered with the owner that went by the name “Omegatron” back in January of 2017.

Together we had the vision of creating a Bungeecord powered network of servers that would include the already existing Fiskheroes server, a Super Smash Bros minigame, a server called “Bending” that would incorporate the lore of the well known cartoon “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, as well as a classic Survival Games server.
And all of it would be connected via a centralized lobby.

The idea was for me to handle all the technical backend stuff. Like SysAdmin, database, website, etc. And he would handle the ingame stuff and all the public relations.
However, after the launch, he pretty much went completely MIA.

No one could get a hold of him and I was pretty much restricted to reach him by phone if there was an emergency.
Now I just accepted this, because according to the people who knew him longer. He often went MIA during the summers.

And I thought to myself;

“Well, I can deal with that. As long as he gets back once the summer is over.”

But that never happened. He stayed unavailable until the end of September. And that was the point where I realized that he wouldn’t become available very soon. So I decided to step down. There was no way I could run the entire thing by myself with my mental health issues. That just wasn’t possible.

A few months went by, and he was still as unavailable. It was almost Christmas season by then. That’s when I started to get really pissed off with him. Because he kept stalling the entire project. Development of all the other servers had come to a complete halt. And the responsibility of running the entire thing was now left on the remaining staff members.

Now the thing is, Omega is a very busy guy. At that point he was apparently running a startup company of some sort. And that was completely fine by me. I’m glad that he found something better to do with his life. But he could at the very least officially shut down Omega Universe, instead of giving people false hope that it one day would change.

Now, as I’m writing this. All the servers have shut down because the donations no longer covered the costs. And the community is collapsing. Multiple high ranking staff members are leaving and starting a new project by themselves.

And you know what? I saw this day coming. I knew that if Omega kept stalling this for so long. Players would lose faith and the donations would eventually no longer cover the costs.
And keep in mind that the donations were barely covering the costs before I left.

It’s a little sad to see something I’ve spent so much time building, collapse like this. But at the same time, it’s a good feeling. Knowing that this burden has now been lifted from the staff members who had to keep up with this shit for so long.

It will be interesting to see what will happen with the new server that a friend of mine is currently planning.

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