...I just blog about whatever falls into my mind, mk?

Dafaq is dis?

This is my personal blog. Here i will post pretty much whatever i feel like posting. It can be anything from reviews to tutorials or just rambling. But if you’re still curious, here’s a little Q&A that should answer most of your questions…

Q) Who are you?

A) I’m Haakon, but you can call me Hawk.

Q) How old are you?

A) I’m too lazy to update this every year. But i’m born September 3. 1997. So if you did your math homework, you should be able to calculate that yourself.

Q) Is the name of the blog a reference t…

A) Yes.

Q) Somebody…

A) …once told me!

Q) What exactly will you be posting here?

A) As said above. It can be whatever i feel like. But you can expect things relating to computers, programming, etc. Or you can just look at the banner above. That should give you a general idea.

Q) Is there anything not shown on the banner that you may end up writing about here?

A) Star Wars, Real life events (like trips and such), Vocaloid (yes, the weeaboo holographic ones), and maybe some various movie reviews.

Q) Where are you from?

A) 59.6175899, 11.0733555

Q) Are you autistic?

A) Yes

Q) What is your favorite TV show?

A) 01001101 01110010 00101110 00100000 01010010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100

Q) How do you pronounce your name?

A) There is no official way to pronounce my name in English. But in Norwegian, the name “Haakon” is pronounced like Hawk-on. Hence the nickname.

Q) Will you get political?

A) No. You can consider this blog a place to escape the weird political era we live it. I will only write about politics if it’s in the context of a show or movie. Like if i decide to review the movie “Snowden”, which i am planning to do eventually. Then that obviously will contain political stuff. Or if i write about fictional political events like in Mr. Robot, real life politics might still be brought up in small dozes.

Q) What do you look like?