...I just blog about whatever falls into my mind, mk?

This is a list of all the websites i’m affiliated with. It’s quite a lot to select from, so feel free to do some exploration here.

Most (if not all) of these sites are also designed/developed by me. So you may also consider this list a portfolio if you ever want to hire me to design a website for you.

A list of sites i own/administrate:

FiskFille’s Download Center

The Download site where most of the Minecraft mods developed by FiskFille can be downloaded.

The Advent Calendar is also run by me. Although i won’t give it it’s own entry due to it only being active during December.

Netscan Download Page

What do you do when you cannot find a good LAN scanner that works for all major operating systems? You create your own of course. This program let’s you scan IP ranges within local area networks and find specific information on all online machines within the range. It makes identifying unknown machines on your network a lot easier.

HawkProjects Main Website

Pretty much everything i publish online is published under my company called “HawkProjects”. This is the main website for that company. Feel free to check it out if you want.

HawkProjects Status Monitor

What is an IT company without servers? This site let’s anyone see the status of all our servers. 90% of our projects and websites are located on the server called “Linus”. While i may not be running Omega Universe anymore, I still run it’s IT infrastructure. If you’re a regular player on the Omega Universe you can look at the machines “Daniel”, “Sora”, “Jack” and “Luke”.


I might have had a few goofy ideas up through the years as well. If you’re a CS:GO fan based in Europe, this one might make you laugh. (Warning: Music autoplay)

My IP Scanner

One of my oldest projects out there. The design of the site is a bit outdated, but the functionality is still very much in tact. So i felt like including it here.

Cyber Tools

Just a small web application i created a while ago. Let’s you do things like pinging servers, checking passwords, scan DNS of domains and generate secure password combinations.

Organization XIII Name Generator

I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan. It was only a question of time before i made something as stupid as this.

A list of websites that i created, but no longer command:

Omega Universe Home Page

The main website for the Omega Universe Minecraft server.

Omega Universe Store

The main store for the Omega Universe Minecraft server.